While here we also

Listen to music

Read books

Quote people

Behind the large gate, covered with several little glasses, one can imagine something splendorous.
Just as you are about to enter, in an almost instinctive yet unnoticeable way you start to take in the scent… when inside, your nose instantly follows the movement and all feels like magic: the leather, the paper, the glue, the wax, gold leafs, wood, the tools and hardware and of course the books!

It is this characteristic scent, so difficult to find anywhere else, that is the heart and soul of the workshop.It is what it makes this place so unique and sacred, a place where time literally flies by.
It is here where we continue the footsteps of Mestre Vítor, working in artistic bookbinding and book restoration (using techniques passed on from generations of fine bookbinders).

To call it a passionate work is to oversimplify it; but it has proven difficult to find the words that best describe our love for books. Also in there, but at the bookstore, we share some of our favorite literature.